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Letter from a Professor from Medicine Faculty, University of Mansura, Egypt

Nobody shuts the Egyptian voice!

I will not discuss today with those who want to stop this revolution.

Today, I don’t want to listen to the effect it has on the economy of the country, because any 12 years old child will tell you that , in any case I’m losing 10 dollars a day, to lose one more dollar during a month to stop this daily Money leak, is a good investment.

The economy is suffering because it’s based upon the pillars of ridiculous policies that are not ruled by the production and force labor.

This is what our economy is suffer from, and not from the revolution.

Today, I don’t want to listen about foreign agendas, or who might be trying to influence us, nor the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) taking control, because as more patriotic Egyptians will take part in this revolution, it will be easier for us to reduce these influences I’m talking about.

Pure Mathematics: if we are 1000 gathered at Tahrir, and 300 are Muslim Brothers(MB), that’s a 30%. If the rest, the 700, go home, that makes that 30% tur to be the 100% of us.

In front of, instead of leaving,if we increase our number to , say 3000, the MB would be just a 10%. Tell me, what do you think about that?

Today I don’t want to hear claims such as ‘’we’ve got almost everything we wanted’’, because that’s rubbish. We are only doing step by step, and today, if seen, we haven’t any real concession.

We have a president that once said that he wasn’t going to remain as a president, we have a president that once said that would ask the Parliament to discuss de article 76 and 77, but he didn’t say anything about the articule that regulates the legal surveillance of any future elections (article88). He didn’t said anything about the State of Emergency, and more far, he appointed some loyal people to him for his new government.

Now we have a new government, that is not doing anything to protect the people, and is treating us like stupid people, pretending to give the image of a listener to the demands of freedom and dignity of the people.

Meanwhile, the public Egyptian television continue broadcasting the same propaganda that we are used to from 30 years ago.

We have a new General, that says that will stablish order, but he does not.

We have a new General, that say that will protect people, but he does not.

We have a new General that says :’’ first the people gotta got home, and then…. We will do everything they want’’ . T his reminds me when you want to make a deal with a child: chocolate for toys. Give me first, and then I’ll give.

Today, I don’t want to hear foolish reasons about the constitution, and if it might be better for the country ,the president to stay in his office because this or the other article.

I don’t want to listen that , if he leaves now, somesay the Vicepresident would be illegitimate to change the constitution or to dismiss the Parliamente, come on!, these things only require one sentence.

Do you need 9 months for a sentence? Really?

THIS IS A REVOLUTION, and revolutions change anything that get in its way.

Today, I don’t want to listen about majority/minority of the people issues in Tahrir. About Pro Mubarak or No-Mubarak… cause I only want to remind people that 10 days ago, 99% of this population complained constantly about the horrible “growing”situation that affects all of us.

Those that were having, felt unsafe, and those who hadn’t died for having.

Corruption is en every part of the society and the education and health services are unacceptable even for any animal.

So, if you now, suddenly consider yourself a pro-Mubarak, then first, we shouldn’t even communicate between, because according to my memory, you don’t even exist.

I don’t want to listen about “Father Mubarak” , nor about the symbol, nor about “we should bury our symbols’’, because it’s simply the biggest piece of rubbish I’ve ever heard in my life.

As you can see by my name, or my account bank, he is not my father, and never been, and never will. My father was a respectful human being, that never stole anything and never hurt anyone.

If you want to say that we should judge fairly , and that everyone has something good, and something bad, I don’t give a damn about how many BMW are on the streets, I don’t give a damn now that everyone has mobile phone…because these are not achievements, my friends. And by the way, the bridges are fantastic, but I wouldn’t mind if I had to walk on sand.

Finally I don’t want to listen foolish words about our image to the rest of the world, and how it would get better if he ends his period of time in his office leaving at the end….because these days, we have never ever being so respected and admired from all over the world thanks to this pacific, civil, and extremely honorable revolution. I’ve never felt so proud of being Egyptian, and I’ve never have found enough words of cheer and admiration like I’ve had these 10 last days. I’m Egyptian , since a time ago, so please, listen to my word.

Mohammed Ghoneim


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